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Spacious apartment living room in Belsize Park
Modern apartment kitchen in Hackney
Bright bedroom in Earls Court

Bridging the gap for renters who want flexibility.

Conventional Renting
1 night
1 month
12 months +
3 nights
"We want to empower professionals to live and work globally without the limitations of conventional renting."
Henry Bond, Founder

Why rent with Flexhouse?

Our collection of quality residences caters to private and corporate guests who need somewhere to live from a few weeks to several months.

Save money

Rental prices, not holiday prices


Book instantly from 3 nights up to 6 months


Choose between flexibility or a fixed tenancy agreement


No private Landlords. We only partner with professional property management companies


Easily book cleaning and sheet changes


Connect and collaborate with our thriving Flexhouse community

No admin fees or deposits.


Conventional renting


£1,560+ based on an average 5 week damage deposit for a 1 bedroom London property, data from

Spacious living room in Belgravia

What to expect from a Flexhouse property.

Fully furnished with a contemporary feel

From studio apartments up to 5 bedrooms

Desirable locations in London

Pet-friendly residences

In-person check-in

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi1

Fully equipped kitchen space

24/7 support

1 average speed 50Mbps
Hotel-style bedroom in Earls Court

How do we compare?

Conventional Renting
Move between properties seamlessly
No private landlords
Suitable for short stays
Suitable for medium stays
Suitable for long stays
Set amenities
Properties pre-vetted
Properties managed in-house
All-inclusive renting
Instant booking
No damage deposit
No references
No rigid tenancy agreement
Flexible cancellation policy
Choose length of stay
Workspace in Central London apartment

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Spacious living room in BelgraviaHotel-style bedroom in Earls CourtWorkspace in Central London apartment

We are perfect for

Private stays

Digital Nomad

Digital nomads

Modern-day adventurers who use technology to work and explore the world simultaneously.


International students

Curious learners who travel the world to immerse themselves in new cultures and education.


Travel enthusiasts

Passionate wanderers who seek out new experiences and adventures in far-off lands.

Corporate stays

Business Traveler

Business travellers

Jet-setters who use their travels to build relationships and grow their business.

Remote Worker

Remote workers

Professionals who work from anywhere, freeing them from the traditional office setting.

Hotel Booker

Accommodation bookers

Savvy experts who use their skills to find and secure the perfect place to stay for any trip.

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What people are saying.

Freddie Fox

ACTOR (The Crown, SLow Horses)

I am very excited to start using Flexhouse. For someone like me who wants to get out of London and work remotely for an extended period of time, the easy and frictionless renting of Flexhouse is totally perfect.

Jessica Impiazzi

Actor and Author

Feeling comfortable in your accommodation for long periods of time is so important in helping you to produce your best work on set.

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Great Britain Olympic Athlete

I have been waiting for a service like Flexhouse as when I’m at a training camp or competition it’s really important I feel comfortable and relaxed in my accommodation for long periods of time.

Jonathan Campbell

Co-founder coo/cfo at Hystrix Medical AG

As someone that runs a team of people who work remotely, Flexhouse represents an exciting option for those who are flexible enough to live anywhere. A great concept for our time!

Harry Mackenzie

Founder, Digital Nomad Project and BraveNewEarth

I love working remote, travelling the world and seeing new cities...but finding accommodation in every new place I went was getting tiring and expensive. Flexhouse changed all that. It gives me comfort and security knowing every place I go is up to standard, whilst also saving me hundreds a month compared to AirBnb. Couldn't recommend higher

Phoebe Liebling

Founder, Natural Nourishment

It's very simple, Flexhouse solves the issue I have encountered since I began my own business a decade ago - I want/need to be flexible in my location, but I also want stability & a standard of housing that reflects my needs & preferences. The ease of use is also revolutionary, I do not need anymore admin hoops to jump through & this is just so easy it's a true pleasure to use.

Helena Traill


Flexhouse is the accommodation urgently needed for Gen-Z! As a young digital nomad and entrepreneur, I can work from anywhere (with WiFi) and want to make the most of that. But current accommodation options in the UK and further afield make it difficult. I write on my way home from Bristol to London, after staying in both an Air BnB and Hotel in the last week. Both okay for short term, but I can't find something that's affordable, flexible and for the medium term rental. Until Flexhouse! I can't wait to try out this new exciting option along with other people my age.

Matt Cain

Founder, Coffee Jack

As someone with an online business I’m very excited to use Flexhouse - they understand the customer and have tackled the barrier to entry for semi-permanent relocation!

Jack Atkinson

Partner at Knowjack Media

Flexhouse couldn't come soon enough. Finally a solution that works around me and my lifestyle and doesn't lock me into a single location for longer than required.

Sienna Clark

Founder, The BRand Whisperer

The obvious solution to flexible living that we’ve all been waiting for!


Managing Director, International Consulting Firm

A great idea which with business travel opening up again, should make a real differences to international companies


Property Director

Life is complicated, and it’s a relief that renting doesn’t have to be. Finally a service that caters for my changing needs - for simple, all inclusive, flexible accommodation wherever I find myself.


Technology Director

In short, I think it's the right product for <1 year stay, especially for relocation or temp assignment. Flexhouse is the missing brick between AirBnB and traditional rentals.


Civil Servant

Flexhouse would be a great option for the public sector to utilise when housing employees domestically and overseas



Flexhouse sounds a great idea that works beautifully in the space between long and short term lets; helping people to find a base and a nest for those periods of time that typically may be difficult to accommodate.


Payments Director

Flexhouse is the answer to an enormous problem - reliably high quality, flexible accommodation with zero faff!


Insurance Broker

I think Flexhouse is a fantastic idea and offers a fluid solution for people who require a flexible approach to renting. I believe they will fill a gap in the market and change individuals approach to renting going forward.


Whisky Broker

Flexhouse is a fantastic coming of age idea. The post Covid world has taught everyone to enjoy a flexible and happier work / life balance. I can work from anywhere and with Flexhouse I’ll be able to follow the sun whilst doing so.


Marketing Manager

I can wait to move into Flexhouse accommodation so I can easily move when I want to.

Emily Halinan

Pr Director and BRand Consultant

Flexhouse is exactly what the new generation of young professionals who view themselves as citizens of the world, are crying out for.


Commerical Lawyer

This is very exciting for both the landlords and tenants. I believe this is one of a kind as there is nothing out there which offers the same services.

Natasha Whiting

CEO and CO-Founder, Kollo Health

I think Flexhouse is the PERFECT solution to that middle ground where you don’t want long term because you might be about to make a massive move, and  short term is too unsettling, Flexhouse is the “just right” solution!

Jack Jenkins

Founder, Resooma

I work hard, but I hate to be chained to my desk. Life is for living and when I'm not working I like to be out, exploring the world. Flexhouse will give me the ability to do that.


Founder, VOn Vici

A global sense of community is life’s biggest hurdle. Flexhouse will be a home away from home created by a visionary.

Katie Paladini

Full-time Mum

I’m really excited to use Flexhouse as I think the idea and concept is just really good. I personally need this type of tool in my life.



Flexhouse is the perfect idea for me and my industry, where there are so many temporary jobs lasting from 3-12 months. A considerable saving on hotels, Flexhouse will offer the perfect opportunity to live and work where the job is without tying employees to expensive hotels or convoluted tenancy agreements


Strategic Account Manager

So excited to use Flexhouse, both as a private and corporate guest. The options to rent for a longer period with flexibility is going to be a game changer.


Charity Partner

Flexhouse is an exciting option for all who are mid-term renting, providing quality-assured accommodation for the discerning customer


Television Producer

Life moves fast and Flexhouse is a great solution for modern living


Opal Trader

I’m looking forward to enjoying a nomadic lifestyle while knowing there’ll be a work space waiting for me every time I begin a new adventure

Francis Hornyold-Strickland

Commerical Barrister

For professionals who regularly work in different areas of the globe, Flexhouse is a game-changer.